Triund, first trekking of my life started from Gallu with three friends. It is 6 km trekking which took almost 5 hours to reach there.  We took a taxi from Dharamshala bus station to Gallu @600 INR. After an hour of driving, we reached Gallu. At the starting point, they asked me to fill my name, address, contact, and ID number. After the completion of all this formality, we started marching toward the Triund.

The trekking path of Triund has a beautiful view with rhododendron, oak and deodar trees on either side of the path. We were so excited to reach the destination that, we almost crossed more than 10 people within the first half hour of the trek due to excitation. After an hour of trekking, we reached the first cafe on our way. Everything is quite expensive there, the mule is the only way of bringing things there. I bought drinking water and some energy drink at almost three times the normal cost.

Way to Triund

After 2 hours, soon I started to feel the extra weight on my legs in every single step. It was like hanging few bricks in the leg and try to walk. I was struggling to breathe in air, later I figured out that I was doing wrong. So I stopped breathing from the mouth and start breathing from the nose in an interval of every 2 sec. After crossing magic viewpoint, trekking becomes steeper. I was able to see the base point of Triund, it was so high that I have to raise my arm all the way up to point there.

Triund Base Camp

Being there was a phenomenal moment for me. I was able to see the Dhauladhar range, beautiful mountains, and colorful camp everywhere. We rent a camp in 500 INR/person for a night and put our stuff there. After taking some rest we were ready to explore the area. We found a perfect cliff to sit, from where we were able to see the whole valley. I played ACDC, Guns&Roses. Every song was adding a whole new feeling to the moment. When the sun was setting I played the song “Phir Se Ud Chala and Kun Faya” on the soundbar. Wow… I never felt something like this in my entire life. I realized, how much I have wasted my life on those things which I never wanted. So I promised myself no matter what happens I will always keep on exploring the natural beauty throughout my whole life.

Sunset At Triund

Soon the night came up with millions of twinkling star and jack frost breeze. So to overcome the slap of weather, we started the bonfire. I met a friend Saurav who has brought his guitar all the way to 2800 meter. We both played the guitar turn by turn, as it was quite impossible to play continuously and soon after a couple of minute fingers start freezing. Many other boys and girls started joining the group, soon it becomes the whole bunch of people singing and sitting around the bonfire, just like in movies. Around 12 in the midnight, I decided to go back inside the tent and get some sleep.

Trekking To Snowline & Temple

I woke up in the morning around 6 am, bought myself an overpriced 50 INR water bottle of 1-litre, for what? Just to wash my ass, after pooping. Yesterday it was looking fair to pay extra money for overpriced water, but now it looks totally foolish. I had no choice in front of nature call, the first time in my life I bought Bisleri and did not drink a drop but finished it all.


Due to demonetization, we were going out of cash and there was no way we could afford another day. So we decided to further trek toward Snowline and Shri Kunal Pathri Devi Temple along with Saurav and returned back to Dharamshala. After 2 hours of steep climbing following the arrow mark in the stone, we reached Snowline. We took some rest, ate biscuits and further walked toward Temple.

Shri Kunal Pathri Devi Temple

Temple was like 30 minutes far from snowline and there was frozen snow on the whole path. When we reached the temple, we were able to see the whole Dharamshala and Dhauladhar range. There were very few people except us, after having a decent chat with them we decided to return the base camp. While returning to base camp, we grab some snow in the water bottle so that we can make ice candy(barf ka gola). When we reached the base camp, we bought guava juice and made ice candy with the ice that we had brought with us. After finishing our ice candy, we packed our stuff and leave for the Dharamshala.

This tour helps me discover myself, understand my strength and know the whole new things about life. Life is a canvas, you are the painter and things around us are colors. If your canvas is empty and boring then you can’t blame somebody else for it.

Life is not life if you are not living it.
Life is not life if you are not exploring it.
Life is not life if you are not carving it in your way.

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